Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crash & Burn....

Seriously, what a mess. Why do I get myself into these situations with boys? You're probably wondering what the heck I'm whining about. My Vermont trip. You know, the one that is THIS WEEKEND? Yeah, that one. Ahem.

Special Agent called me last night as I was on my way home from picking up dinner for my family. His cell phone reception sucks, so I heard every other word. But he dropped a lot of things on me last night, the first one being that his best friend Danny, who happens to be gay, is also coming up this weekend. Apparently Special Agent can't afford to go down to Boston to visit him for his birthday or something, and so Danny is coming up. Which leads me to the next thing he asked me..."He's staying here too, so you can either have the couch while I share a bed with him or we can share the bed and he can take the couch." Um, what? I thought we were just friends. Friends don't share beds together. So I said, "oh, okay. I'll think about it." I mean, what else was I gonna say?

Then he says that it's going to be crappy weather on Sunday, so he thinks right after I get off the plane we should go for a drive and take pictures of the trees and then go apple picking later that day. I was okay with that. "And on Sunday, there's the Broncos game which is gonna be HUGE, so my coworkers want to come over and watch it. That's okay, right?" Seriously? I don't do football. Football to me is like social hour. Only in this case, I won't know a single person there. Wooo this is gonna be fun. NOT.

I told him that we should talk tomorrow (which means today) about all of this. Basically I'm freaking out. I am regretting booking a trip to go see him because he sucks as a host. If any one of my mutual friends or otherwise came out to see me, you damn well know I would clear my entire schedule for them. Sure I might plop in a few friends here and there but the entire weekend would be dedicated to spending time with that person. Which is what I expect of Special Agent. I'm flying allllll the way out there to see HIM for the weekend. Not his bff Danny, not his coworkers. Maybe he's just nervous to have alone time with me and wants people around. I get that. And I honestly might be okay with watching the football game with his coworkers if it was just him and I the entire weekend. But throw in his bff into the mix, and what do we have here? An episode of Three's Company. Or just an awkward weekend.

Clearly I'm not happy, but I am the type of person who always finds some sort of solution. So today when Special Agent texted me asking me if I was still nervous, I was completely honest. I told him I am having doubts about coming this weekend. I called U.S. Airways to see if I could change my flight but my ticket is non-refundable and so no matter what they'd charge me $150. Not a fan of that, so looks like I'm going to Vermont. Yay! *insert sarcasm here*

I asked him why his bff couldn't come up to visit him a different weekend. "I wish you would've told me this last night," he said. "I needed time to think about it. I don't like being put on the spot." "Well, I'll tell him you want me all to yourself but if he's already made arrangements, I'm not going to hell and have him break them." "That's fair," I said.

So now I'm waiting in limbo, waiting to hear if his friend is coming up or not. But here are my options:

  1. Since I'm 25 now and won't get charged those stupid under-the-age-fees, I could rent a car and do whatever I wanted this weekend in Vermont. I would of course "meet up" with Special Agent at some point, but most of the weekend would be spent alone.
  2. I could stay in a hotel. I'm sure I could get a great rate from like I did for my Seattle trip, and that would make it 10x less awkward because I wouldn't be around boys the entire weekend. Plus, if I didn't want to watch the football game, I could stay in and sleep or read my book.
  3. I could suck it up and enjoy Danny's company, and suggest to Special Agent that we have some alone time, whether that be going for a walk or to an early breakfast, so that we can have time to catch up.
  4. I could drive up to New Hampshire where my bff is going to be with her fiancee and spend the weekend with them.
So I do have options...but I'm still freaking out. What is up with people? Why do they suck so much??

What should I do? What would you do? Help!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

How far is the place your bff is in New Hampshire from were SA is in Vermont? Maybe you could split time, spend the day with SA on Saturday, do the apple picking, leaves and such, but then go see your bff on Saturday night, spend the night, and then spend Sunday with her?

That way, Danny and you don't have to fight about sleeping arrangements.

Gary said...

That sucks! I'm not claiming I'm the world's greatest host or anything, but I don't see how anyone could be THAT bad of a host. Ugh. :-( Good luck whatever you chose!

On a slightly related note...your bff in New that the New Hampshire-ite that you and I used to work with? lol I haven't talked to her in forever, and I'm wondering if it's the same person who is now engaged.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that DOES suck. I agree with mjenks in that you should split your time if possible. It's your vacation, your money spent, and your time off. Do the things that YOU want to do. If your host is upset about your sudden change in plans, then explain to him HIS sudden change in plans. It's only fair. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

oy. some people's children.
-shakes head-
I think mjenks has a good idea as well...have you talked to NH bff about any of this yet?

Wonderful said...

mjenks- I don't know how far, probably like 2 hours away, but I am on the case. I like your idea alot, that way I can avoid alot of awkwardness.

Gary- Yea, bad host indeed. No, that's not her. Her parents moved to Maine and she's definitely not engaged, so I don't think we're thinking of the same person.

Blurred- I agree with you. I should get what I want.

M- Yes, bff is working on getting the exact location for where she'll be at, so I should know something by tomorrow.

Erin said...

I don't know the backstory, but I vote for renting a car and splitting your time between the two places, or renting a car and staying at a hotel so that you can come and go as you choose.

Andhari said...

Seriously dear, how not fair this is to you. Seriously, what's wrong with the guy? I thought we're better with people as we grow older. If the ticket is refundable, I'd better not go if I were you. I guess you can split between seeing him when you first arrive, spend a night and go to your friend's the next day?

Wonderful said...

Erin- I like your vote, I like doing whatever I want.

Andi- Seriously, the ticket isn't refundable, so I'm going. But you're right, what the heck is up with this guy??