Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday- Had an awesome night out with M. We went downtown and ate at Tony's Meat Market. I had their salad, which has strawberries, feta cheese, romaine lettuce, roasted chicken, and some candied walnuts. So so good. M had margarita pizza which she liked; we shared a pitcher of beer, listened to live music, and caught up on life. After dinner, we walked back to her place, and decided to rent a movie, so she drove us to Safeway where we loaded up on snacks. We rented the Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past. It was okay. I'm glad I saw it so I can now say I've seen it, but I definitely wouldn't watch it again and I'm glad I rented it.

Saturday- I slept in. I had like the best night's sleep ever. I finally woke up around 11:30, then hung around the house. In the afternoon, I headed over to my uncle's party, where I ate a bunch of good food and had cake! And of course saw my lil cousin and family. It was good times. When I got home I didn't feel like doing much, so I paid some bills online and cleaned my room. Oh, and my mom made me watch an episode of Oprah where they talk about hoarders because she thinks I am one. I think not. Clearly.

Today- I slept in till 9:30, got up, watched Real Housewives of Atlanta, Project Runway, and one episode of Brothers and Sisters. I took my brother to his basketball game, and then sat back on the couch again. I haven't changed out of my pajamas today either. I'm just tired and lazy. I don't want to do a darn thing except sit on the couch and watch tv or sleep or lay in bed and read. Yeah...not really a productive day, but oh well. I know tomorrow is going to blow work-wise because I have like a weeks worth of work to do in oh, 8 hours.

How was your weekend?


Andhari said...

I wanna rest up a lot on sundays too. I'm not always able though, seeing it's usually a family day. Thank god - have mondays off so I usually wake up real late. Your weekend sounds relaxing, so many good TV's to watch.

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds wonderfully relaxing...

Mine was fabulous, I played pool with my guy friends and had a fantastic time on my dinner date with Mustang.

I'm happppeeeeee

LiLu said...

Yours sounds much more relaxing than mine! Jealous!