Friday, September 26, 2008

Weird Dreams

I had the weirdest dream(s) last night. First I was in a church, and they were commemorating people who died during Hurricane Ike. Then I was lighting a candle, and all my family was up on the altar. I have no idea why.

Then I remember being at my parents house and we were cleaning in the living room. On the walls were all these ppls comments, similar to a wall you'd find on myspace or facebook--they were all referencing something my brother's friend Mike did to this girl. Something about how she shouldn't wear glasses to work, and how he hurt her feelings, but all the guys thought it was funny. I was cleaning the main window, and all of a sudden two big, hairy, black spiders came spiraling down right in front of me. Of course I screamed, and then I asked my mom if they were black widows, but they weren't because we couldn't see any spots on them, and they were all curled up. Then they started moving back up the window and when they uncurled themselves they both had long, white beards and were wearing white sunglasses. And as they were going up, up, up, I saw the underneath of them, and their legs and stuff where all made of brittle exoskelton like features, even tho on the outside they were hairy. It was definitely creepy.

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Anonymous said...

OmG! I think I would die in my sleep if I had that scary dream about the spiders!