Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Forks Over Knives

Last night I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of Forks over Knives. The doctors in the movie--Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn--argue that we would all be healthier if we follow a plant-based diet. This means eating mainly vegetables, fruits, legumes, and avoiding animal by-products such as meat, eggs, and dairy.

The narrator of the documentary went to a holistic doctor who ran a bunch of tests on him and concluded he was susceptible to a heart attack. He agreed to try a plant-based diet for 13 weeks. By the end of his trial, he was no longer reliant on caffeine, his cardiovascular health was in a normal range, and he had more energy.

In another instance, a lady who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes went on the same type of diet and over two years later, she has reversed her disease and has lost more than 40 pounds.

I think overall, the documentary was well-worth the conversations that it sparked between my friend and I, but I do wish some other points were addressed. For example, if we were to eat organic meat, would that be allowed? Or would these doctors still argue against it completely?

Personally, I do believe I could benefit from eating more vegetables and whole grains. However, if I want to eat a cheeseburger or have a glass of milk, I should be able to. I think the point is to figure out what type of diet works best for you and your lifestyle and go with that.

Have you seen this movie? If not, would you?


Anonymous said...

I don't think they're saying 'avoid meat', I think they're saying reduce meat (alot), organic or not. And try to cut out fast food.

I was really surprized by the 'cutting out milk' suggestion, myself.

Anonymous said...

My Nutrition prof's mantras were: moderation in everything; the more plants you eat, the more you will fill up on them and be less likely to overeat; and work off as many calories as you take in.

Wonderful said...

Anon- Cutting out fast food is a no-brainer, but you would think that having a glass of milk a day wouldn't hurt you.

M- Well said.