Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain & Music - They Go Together

It's literally been raining on and off all week. This is not typical Colorado weather. Yes, "we need the moisture," but after day 4 of rain, I'd take a nice, sunny, dry day over moisture.

The good thing about all these rainy days is that I've been listening to a lot of music, which I don't always do.

Here are a few that I've been listening to on repeat this week:

Fashion of His Love by Lady Gaga

The Cave by Mumford & Sons

World At Large by Modest Mouse

Lisztomania by Phoenix 

F***** Perfect by Pink

Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Kids by MGMT

What songs have you been listening to this week?


ariaxami said...

I'm from Denver too ... and the rain lately has been ridiculous. I'll admit, I've enjoyed going to sleep with the sound of rain outside. But, today seems to be a sunny one! Wahoo! :)

Wonderful said...

I know! Even though I'm SO TIRED today, I will take the sun!