Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the radio

Last night on my way home, I was listening to the radio.

This guy had apparently given the radio station all these hints about a lucky lady who he wanted to propose to...some of the hints where what city she lived in and what restaurant they shared their first date at.

Well, the lucky lady called in because she had been getting tons of phone calls and texts from her friends who had been listening--they all thought it was her.

She called in and the djs asked her to confirm all the answers to the hints that they had given out throughout the day. She got them all right...and then her boyfriend got on the phone.

I had just pulled into my driveway when I got to this part, which always seems to happen. But I waited and listened to see what she was gonna say.

Well, she completely flipped out. And not in a good way. She said she never likes making a public spectacle of herself, so why would he call and propose to her ON NATIONAL RADIO? But the real kicker was when she said, "I can't marry someone who doesn't know me." And then she hung up.

What a disaster! That poor guy.

Today was telling my friend this story, and we both agreed that a radio proposal wouldn't be our choices. I mean, you can't even see his facial expression. I could see this working out if it was a long distance thing, but if you're in the same state/city, it makes no sense to me.

How do you want to be proposed to? In public? In private? 
For those who are already engaged or married--how did he/she propose?


Kez said...

Hmm. I am divided on the public spectacle aspect of proposals. I think if you are completely confident that your partner loves that kind of stuff (or has even hinted at it in the past) then go for it. If not, don't do it!!!!!

I've seen a couple of outlandish proposals go awry on youtube (it's like watching a car crash) and it's just so sad! Just because a proposal is public does not automatically make it spectacular and special!

My hubby proposed to me on a rainy night, looking out over a harbour with NO-ONE around and it was an amazing night (topped only by our wedding day). It was about US as a couple with nothing to prove to anyone else. That's what made it special.

If people had been watching and cheering or speculating on his every planned out, OTT move it wouldn't have had that magic about it. It wouldn't have been the guy I fell in love with and it wouldn't have suited who I am!

I think the main thing is honouring who both people are. Not trying to create a youtube sensation or something EVERYONE will be talking/buzzing about. I'm sure that's accidentally happened to a lot of guys/gals but it shouldn't be the driving force in a proposal!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's depressing.

One of my good friends apologized to an ex-fiance of his over the radio and then dedicated a song to her, and she absolutely LOVED it and forgave him, so I suppose it depends on the person.