Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Strange Addiction

Oh my gosh...has anyone seen the show on TLC called My Strange Addiction? It's like crazy.

A few weekends ago I hunkered down and watched a bunch of episodes. One featured a girl who ate laundry detergent and soap, another girl ate chalk, one had a shopping addiction, and another was a ventriloquist who took her puppets everywhere with her. Oh, and I can't forget about the (now single) mom who uses a hair dryer to go to bed. Not only did her addiction ruin her marriage, it also caused her physical harm. She had multiple scars on her arms from getting burnt by the hair dryer. 

Another episode featured a mother who was addicted to eating Comet cleaning powder for more than 35 years. It showed her when she went to the dentist and took x-rays of her mouth. All of her teeth were rotten. Lucky for her, the dentist said she would replace her entire mouth with fake teeth for free. In return, she had to seek therapy and rid herself of her addiction.

It's definitely crazy to watch all these people having such strange addictions, but the bottom line is, they all really have psychological problems, which is sad.

Have you seen this show?

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