Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm such a rebel

I have been listening to the most inappropriate songs lately while I've been at work. Luckily I always listen to my headphones, but in my small office of older ladies, I don't think they'd appreciate my "taste" in music.

Example #1

Apparently I've had alot of pent up anger or something...but I felt better listening to it. I don't know why, but I feel so bad when I cuss on purpose or listen to rap music really loud that has cussing in it or bad words.

Example #2

I first heard this song on the radio while driving on my way to work. But today I took it one step further and not only watched this video, but I actually wikipedia'd the young rapper...what's his name? Oh, Bobby Brackins. Honestly, the kid looks like a teenager, even tho he's like 22. Not to mention, he's not even hot. In fact, I think he's creepy! But Ray J is hot, so it all makes up for it.

Example #3

Again, I must have anger issues. But it really does have a good message. And I usually hate Eminem.

Any songs stuck in your head?


Anonymous said...

YES!!!! I'm NOT AFRAID!!! I feel so badass and angry when I listen to that song!

lol, xoxo

Andhari said...

AWESOME. I had no idea you listen to hiphop as well. High five!