Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I should have saved this post until next month for Halloween, but oh well.

About two weeks ago, I came home and let the dog out into the backyard. It was dark at this point, and so when I let her back in, I turned on the outside light.

Which is when I saw this:

At first I was really scared, because it looks like a mini tarantula to me. Plus, it's web was literally in the top right corner, right near our back door. 

Once I let the dog in, I shut the door and just started to stare at it. And then of course grabbed my camera to take pictures of it. I took these from behind the door, which explains why it looks like this spider is floating in mid-air.


Since the initial spotting of this guy or girl, I have to admit--I have become fascinated with it. I mean, it's like the type of spiders they show on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Now it's like a routine to come home and before bed, turn on the outside light to see the spider.

Last week when my mom threatened to kill it, I begged her not to, and then proceeded to search the internet. I even looked at pictures of creepy spiders before bed and didn't have any nightmares.

Turns out, this type of spider is what they call an orb web weaver. It totally builds its web in corners of doorways and can hang out in gardens. The cool part is that it spins a new web everyday and apparently it can put a special white part of the web to detract birds from running into it during the day. I haven't seen "our" spider do this though. Mainly it just hangs out in its web throughout the night hoping to catch something and during the day it crouches between two wooden slats near the door frame.

With the help of this article by a professor of Entomology at Cornell University, I learned that this type of spider is called a Cat-Face Spider and it's totally harmless. I might have my brother try to relocate it though. I am not sure how much longer my mom will allow it to be near the back door.

I guess I can kinda make out a cat face...

Secretly, this spider reminds me of Charlotte's Web, only I hope in this case it doesn't have a bunch of spiderlings. That would not be okay nor welcomed.

My favorite part of the spider is its huge butt.
 Do you have a fascination with spiders? Or are you afraid of them? I think in this case my fascination outweighs my fear of them, but you won't see me touching it or anything else crazy like that.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, i was totally thinking about Charlotte's Web recently!

Wonderful said...

Yea, now you can see what i was telling you about!

Kez said...

Ugh! I am arachnophobic all the way. I cannot stand to be near spiders - only those teeny tiny green ones you can squash really easily...I know...I'm a horrible spider murderer. I plead insanity.
The spiders I am most scared of are redback spiders (highly poisonous) and bulbous bodied, black furry spiders...

Wonderful said...

Yikes! The redback spider sounds similar to the black widow spider we have here. Now that would freak me out. alot. I guess the more I learn about spiders, the more my fear kinda goes away. But like I said, you won't find me actually touching or moving the spider. I prefer to watch it from behind the glass door.

Samantha Angela said...

Bah! I would have totally killed it. I'm not terrified of spiders but I certainly don't like them

Wonderful said...

If this were in my house I would've screamed and then made someone else kill it--it's too big for me to squish I think without wondering if somehow the spider would hurt me through my shoes. I know, so illogical!