Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night I had what I call, an emotional breakdown.

(Sometimes I exaggerate)

But it got me thinking about how others deal with their emotions.

For me, I tend to let my emotions build up and then I cry. A lot. Like the kind of cry that little kids do when they fall down or drop something important. The kind of cry that just seems, well, sad. I thought about all the stress I have in my life right now. Unfortunately I didn't think about all the positive things--I mean who does that while crying?--I just thought about how all the recent changes in my life feel like a major burden to me right now.

I tried to complain about my house and the stress of my new job to my mom but she wasn't having it. All she said was, "get over it." Which of course just made me cry even harder and say, "you are so insensitive!" Then I completely shut down and didn't want to talk with her about it at all. I mean, I want sympathy here. Or at least someone to listen without judgment.

Thankfully after my dramatic crying stint last night, complete with snot dropping from my nose, I felt better. I felt emotionally drained though, and tired. But I actually decided not to work on my house alone last night (I've been going there after work and painting every single day this week with the exception of Monday) and instead took a bubble bath and read my book.

I woke up with puffy eyes this morning and a very tired body, but I treated myself to breakfast and approached the day with a more positive attitude. I emailed my new boss with a revised outline for the project I'm working on and have even made a few personal appointments for tomorrow to get pamper myself. I need to listen to myself and my body's calling for some "me" time. Hopefully I the day to myself will help me feel refreshed. I might go get a massage or treat myself to froyo. Who knows. But the prospect of not having to do anything with or for anyone else excites me.

Do you ever have emotional breakdowns? How do you release your emotions?  


Kez said...

Sometimes we just need that release (as long as it's done healthily)!!
On the day I found out I have gestational diabetes, I talked it all out with my parents. I wrote in my journal. I gave myself that afternoon/evening to feel sorry for myself - I cried, I let all the thoughts I had just take over (it's tough knowing it's genetic), I felt overwhelmed and I just faced it and let it sink in.
The next day I woke up and while I was still nervous about it all, I felt so much more ready to take it all on.

I think having people in your life who can listen without judging is a very valuable gift. A lot of people tend to want to say, "It's not that bad. Get over it."
And while we know we will, we just want to be irrational for a moment and get it off our chests!
Glad you feel a bit better x

Anonymous said...

You're not alone :)