Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Scary Dream

Last night we had a ridiculous amount of hurricane force winds. It was unreal.

After watching tv, I went to sleep.

And had a scary dream.

I had a dream that there was this white guy who went into our backyard. He climbed our house and looked inside the windows to my parents bedroom. My parents were asleep, and I was the one that had that strange feeling of being watched. I looked at him and he dropped down to the ground. I looked out the window and saw our dog looking up at me. I wondered why she didn't bark at him.

I ran to the phone and was going to dial 911, but I realized I really should call the local police department, but of course I didn't have the number, nor the time to look it up. So I hung up the phone, and ran to the other side of the bedroom to look out the window and saw he had moved to the side of the house where the driveway is.

I peered down at him from the window and he made eye contact with me. The neighbor's mosquito killing light was bright enough that I could see him clearly. He had a tall, husky build, with brown curly hair and facial hair. He had brown eyes and was wearing a hockey jersey.

At this point, I kept trying to yell at him to go away but he couldn't hear me. So I lifted the window up halfway and tried again. Still couldn't do anything. I was scared he would somehow say something or get in the room, so I quickly shut the window. Then I made eye contact with him again and flipped him off and pretended I was deaf and did random things with my hands (presumably my attempt to do sign language--I had watched Celebrity Apprentice last night before bed).

It was at this point that I thankfully woke up.

It was scary. And then I heard footsteps outside my door and freaked out. But I had the courage to open my door and saw it was our dog. She came into bed with me (more like hogged the entire bed) but she made me feel safe enough to go back to sleep. I did say a few prayers too. I was spooked!

Have you had any bad dreams lately?


Kez said...

I swear it's the wind that does it. I've had really creepy dreams when the wind outside has been wild.
It's funny because you wake up and you're terrified but when you look back at the dream you realise it was ridiculous!!

Wonderful said...

I am so glad you commented--I wanted to tell you about my dream! I seriously think you are right--it had to be the wind!