Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why my family is crazy and another reason why I need to move out

Here's reason #1,4562,165 why I need to move out of my parent's house.

Today was filled with laziness, productiveness, and a bit of fresh air.

It wasn't until an hour ago that things took a severe nosedive.

You see, my little brother, 10, stayed up way too late last night and didn't get enough sleep. Therefore, around dinner time he got grouchy. He was mad that he had to clean the dishes. Well, my other brother who is home for winter break from college, decided to egg him on and taunt him about the fact that he had to do his 4+ pages of homework after he cleaned the dishes.

The little brother didn't appreciate that and thought he would take a roll of sealed wrapping paper and try to hit my other brother. A 10 year-old versus a 21 year-old makes for a bad loss on my lil brothers end. Basically, my other brother decided to show him who was boss, and took him into a headlock while making him walk down the stairs. I watched the entire thing happen.

Obviously my little brother freaked out a bit, but once he did that, my other brother loosened his grip. They get down to the kitchen table, and we hear my little brother crying and yelling about being choked, but we don't think anything of it. I went upstairs and ate some chocolate.

Well, then we get a call. My dad looks at the caller id and it says "Adams." Who could that be? With an incredulous look upon her face, my mother reluctantly answers. I figured it was some call asking for donations. Um, yea, I was wrong.

Turns out it was the 911 dispatch center calling in response to an emergency call. Turns out my little brother called 911 and then hung up. Classic, I know. I remember when I did it was a little kid and my friend Michelle and I knew the cops were coming so we hid behind the washer/dryer. We got in big trouble.

Anyways, turns out they already dispatched a cop to come over, even though we insisted everything was fine. In the 15 to 20 minutes it took for the cop to arrive at our house, my mom started cleaning like a madwoman. She yelled at me to hang up all the coats and to put all the dirty laundry that was sitting on the landing upstairs into baskets. Seriously, makes no sense to me. I mean, who cares that we have laundry sitting around? We live here, duh!

After pacifying my mom with household chores, I kept looking out my bedroom window for the cop's car. I warned everyone when he pulled up to the house.

He knocks, but we didn't answer, so he just lets himself inside the house. I put the dog downstairs.

The officer asks why my brother called 911, to which he flat out says, "because my brother choked me." The cop looks to my mom for confirmation, and my mom says no. My brother says she's wrong. The officer basically ends up giving my brother a lecture about how 911 is for emergencies only, and to not call if he's not getting along with his brother and to only call if something is being stolen or if someone is hurt.

Thankfully, that's how it ended and the cop left.

But seriously, what a way to start off the new year....


Kez said...

Wow, life with your family sure sounds eventful! Good luck moving out haha.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha it sounds like you have quite a crazy brother. My mom called 911 when she was a kid too, but I've never tried it.

I'm trying to move out soon too!! Sooo Expensive :(

Happy new year, lovely lady!